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Journey throughout our sacred earth to restore balance held within the femine dimension.

The twenty-first century is facing worldwide disintegration. The spiritual systems are falling apart, revealing the lack of all that used to sustain humanity as notions of separation prevail. However, inclusion is essential for survival. Profound love is more powerful than hate, but those in power amplify hate, destroying humanity in the process.

After the collapse of Western civilization in North America, survivors grounded in healing love flee south. Seven millennia later, an isolated outpost of women wants to share it's hard-earned wisdom. These earth-based shamans are losing the energy to continue, unless they can connect with the Underworld of Dreaming Nature to find suitable males to join them.

Their quest attracts other "remnants" that also wish to regenerate the planet and bring joy to the world. Paradigm shifts are required to reinvigorate the inevitable toxic collapse of a corrupted society, hope rests in the hands of feminine energy and hard-earned wisdom.

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Ric Bratton

Remnants of Humanity
Title: Remnants of Humanity: Journey Throughout Our Sacred Earth to Restore Balance Held Within the Feminine Dimension 
Author: Christine Van Camp Zecca 
Publisher: Balboa Press
ISBN: 979-8-7652-3323-8
Pages: 231
Genre: Fiction
Reviewed by: Pat Mendelson
Hollywood Book Reviews

Author Christine Van Camp Zecca’s Remnants of Humanity: Journey Throughout Our Sacred Earth to Restore Balance Held Within the Feminine Dimension is a profound piece of fantasy fiction which weaves together an intriguing tale of hope, interdependence, and the power of femininity in a world post the disintegration of Western civilization in North America. The entire narrative revolves around a group of women who face various hurdles to survive in this post-apocalyptic environment. Told from the first-person point of view, Rachel, Stephen, Ashbar, Madura, and the other shaman women emerge as the prominent characters in this fantastical work of human survival. 

The women portrayed in this novel aren’t ordinary humans but earth-based shamans who possess “hard-earned” wisdom to prevent Earth from collapsing. Having lost hope in self-fertilization or cloning, the group of women resort to finding suitable men for procreation in the “Underworld of Dreaming Nature.” In their hunt to retain humanity, these women come across “remnants” who share the same objective (i.e., to regenerate Earth). In its entirety, this novel transitions from the 21st-century apocalypse in North America to how the world is restored to its humanity seven millennia post-apocalypse due to the feminine intervention and their judiciousness.   

Zecca’s novel offers a distinctive perspective on modernity and the consequences of technology on our planet. In the book, the author employs a first-person perspective to express her admiration for Earth while criticizing the harmful repercussions of modern science and humanity. Her writing style is captivating, featuring detailed descriptions of Earth’s natural beauty that create an immersive reading experience. 
At the beginning of the novel, the characters’ personalities are hidden behind their strong spiritual expressions. The book not only includes shamanic characters, fantastical elements, and spiritual ideologies, but it also fully showcases the natural resources of the Earth. For instance, in a decade, Zecca portrays the relationship of Rachel and Stephen while depicting the worsening state of the world. She talks about reducing fossil fuels, rising sea levels, and failing power grids. By highlighting the importance of nature and its valuable resources, it encourages readers to value and respect Earth’s beauty. The author doesn’t always explain all the spiritual terms or opinions, which can make it challenging for readers to understand certain concepts. However, as the story progresses, Zecca resolves this issue. Despite having a vast array of spiritual elements, readers may desire more coherence and character development in the novel. 

This novel is recommended if you love reading about shamans, feminine power, and post-apocalyptic survival in fantasy novels.

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