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Shamanic Healing


  1. What is not working in your life such that you are asking for this healing?
  2. What pattern(s) in your life is/are not serving you and you would prefer to change?
  3. Can you identify any experiences that you have had that you suspect or know has lead to soul loss?
  4. Also, feel free to state anything that comes to mind as to why you felt like asking for soul retrieval in general. This can be regarding a single issue or multiple issues.

These are the questions that I learned from one of my teachers Jill Kuykendall that she uses when she does her long distance soul retrievals. In a perfect world I would love working with a warm body next to me, but because of the constraints of geography, lack of time and difficulty traveling, I have also been doing long distance Soul Retrievals lately. In any case articulating your responses to these questions for me uncovers underlying issues and brings them into sharper focus for you as well opening you to more insights. They also help me go deeper into the process in a more direct fashion. It is not absolutely necessary, but your responses can enhance the experience.

Before I do the Soul Retrieval, I first call in whichever Spirit Helpers wish to be of assistance for my journeys on your behalf. I will share this with you in a document I will write upon my return to Ordinary Reality (OR) from Non Ordinary Reality (NOR) along with the following journeys. Then I will do a Power Animal Retrieval so you will have power, protection and support from NOR, and who will be supporting the process and working on your behalf. When I find this Power Animal I will ask if it is willing to be there for you. If I receive a positive response I will gather it into my heart and blow it into your heart three times and then into your left ear or crown chakra three times through NOR. Your job is to take this presence into yourself. I will tell you who I find and will welcome your input as well.

Then I will do an Extraction Ceremony, just to clean out anything negative that has come into your body (on all levels). I would consider these interjects. This is a problem now that we have to consider with so much dark energy all around us. Clearing these will build up your mana and give you extra protection. It is crucial that you understand that the blocking images I find are completely symbolic in nature. I will explain this again and again. I receive these images in this way to know that it is necessary that they be removed to clear the way for returning soul parts. It is about creating an open welcoming space to receive the returning soul part/parts so they feel at home. 

After the Extraction Ceremony, I will journey on your behalf with your Power Animal and my Power Animals and/or Spirit Guide in search of any Soul Parts (parts of your essence that belong to you) that feel safe and are ready to return at this time. I will blow your returning soul part/s, as I did with your Power Animal. This is important as you will need to nurture them during re-entry or ‘coming home’ experience, so they feel truly at home. I imagine dew on a recently opened flower soaking into and revitalizing it, or anything of that nature that includes absorbing. You want them to penetrate every cell in your body. It is a very receptive feminine process. They need to feel it is safe to be back home. It can be a very tender time. That’s why I suggest you don’t plan anything after this experience unless it furthers the integration process. However, the full home coming can take up to a month or two, so be patient. The return can be subtle or deeply profound, depending on what returns and its impact on your expanding sense of yourself. 

It is important to realize that the invisible realm of NOR is there to support us in this life down here on earth. When we create a connection to this realm hidden behind the veil, our lives can open in very fruitful ways. Part of what I will be doing is to guide you on how you can further this healing journey for yourself and retain the treasure proffered. It is definitely a heart centered practice.

For some people that have difficulty understanding the influence of of the spirits who inhabit the invisible realm, this process can be understood as journeys into the immensity of the collective unconscious. This includes the shadow and the vastness of all the archetypal energies that ground us in what it means to be human. As human beings our consciousness is necessarily limited. However if we can penetrate the collective unconscious, through meditative practices of many types, we should be able to bring a greater awareness to these hidden regions. It is all about fostering a nurturing relationship with these as of yet inaccessible positive energies, so they can increase the fullness of our being. To become truly who we are meant to be in an authentic way is our birth right, even though at times it feels like an insurmountable task. However, one step at a time we can accomplish this.

"Christine is a natural healer. She brings clarity and conscious intention to her work. It is obvious that she has a passion for what she does and extensive training in a multitude of disciplines, yet also brings light-heartedness to the experience. I loved meeting Christine and felt instantly safe in her hands. She guided me through what was a painful and beautiful experience, much like being led from darkness to a fresh and dewy dawn. I felt myself purging and releasing years of traumatic experiences and internalized rage. I have an increased sense of peace and lightness in my own being. If you have the opportunity, go for it! I also feel really lucky that I live close enough to have the healing in person. The space is sacred with magic in the air." 
                ~Katharina, Santa Cruz, CA

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