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Shamanic Healing?

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I’ve been thinking about how to approach someone with no experience of the shamanic world that divides OR or Ordinary Reality (where we are most of the time just living our lives and taking care of business etc.) and NOR or Non Ordinary Reality,  which is the invisible world behind the ordinary world that supports us and knows more than we know about the meaning of the challenges we are facing in any particular life.

If I will be working on you at my location in Santa Monica or Maui, there is no need for a photograph of you, just a phone interview will be fine to see if we are compatible. 

If this will be a long distance Soul Retrieval, what I would like to receive from you is a recent photograph of you that shows your head and heart at least. I will use this to perform a Power Animal Retrieval that I can send to you via the ether that you can call upon to give you Power, Protection and Support. I will also send an email transcript of what I learn. I will of course let you know what I find and if I were you I would set up an altar with a candle and incense (spirits love them) and any objects that are meaningful to you. You might also find something that represents you. It could even be an object found in nature, a photo, whatever speaks to you. Light the candle and incense once daily. You can include an offering of water to balance out the fire of the candle. It can be a focus of meditation for you. I do this every evening. It’s very grounding. Flowers or green plants are good. You be the judge. 

When I send you your Power Animal, try to get close to him or her and find out what s/he has to offer. I have many. Different ones show up at different times of my life. Google ‘Sunshine Studios’ in Santa Fe if you want a good collection of Zuni fetishes to choose from. I love these and prices vary considerably. If it feels right pick one that resonates with you. They represent many artists and I usually find something that then lives on my altar. You can also create your own in ‘sculpy' or clay, wood, metal or found objects. 


An introductory book I would recommend is ‘Spirit Medicine: Healing in the Sacred Realms’ by Hank Wesselman, Ph.D and his wife and love of his life Jill Kuykendall RPT. It is very small and you can jump around in it. And of course any of Sandra Ingerman’s books if you are interested in more in depth discussions. She also has audio lectures from SoundsTrue that are very helpful. 

I like to do the Soul Retrievals in the mid afternoon here or late afternoon your time if it is long distance, so you can be receptive and take in what is being offered to you. Tell me days that work best for you. I find weekends are less hectic and relaxed when you can have a quiet evening at home. I do not mind working on weekends either. 

If there is something you feel would be helpful to talk with me about before this appointment, we can talk by phone or you can put it in an email to me. Whatever you prefer we can do. 

“Looking for recurring stories in our lives can tie this theme to soul loss early on, i.e. lost trust moves us to get in situations where we are betrayed.” (Sandra Ingerman)

After a week or so…
Just a check in if you ask for a soul retrieval: you might want to ask your returned soul part these questions. 
Why did you leave?
How are you coming back to help me?
What gifts, talents, and strengths are you returning with?
What changes do I need to make in my life to sustain my healing? 
Think of your returned soul part as a seed of light that is lighting you up. This can be quite fruitful. 

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